About Girls Rock! Australia

Girls Rock! Australia is a desire to achieve a reality where gender and culture do not decide what a person can do. Until we reach that goal, girls rock is a way to provide a space for girls where they can identify as musicians. GR!A uses methods to encourage the girls creativity, provide a variety of different musicians and mentors as role models, and a curriculum that is a broad introduction to the world of music.

We Believe…

  • … in the power of music as a means to create personal and social change;
  • …that creative voices of girls and women need to be amplified to create positive approaches to fighting sexism;
  • …that girls need positive role models and support for their creative endeavours;
  • …in creating a community where girls support each other rather than tear each other down;
  • …in empowering girls to recognise, understand, and respond to discrimination;
  • …in the appropriate sharing of resources, cooperation, and collaboration;
  • “Girls Rock” is more than just a slogan.

Like the programs in the US, each girls rock camp in Australia is run by independent teams united by shared values and program structure.

Girls Rock Camp History

The first Girls Rock Camp, Rock 'n' Roll Camp 4 Girls in Portland, Oregon in the USA, was founded in 2001 as a summer day camp. Since then, over 50 camps have been started worldwide, with programs in Canada, Japan, Iceland, Brazil, Bahrain,  Sweden, France and Germany.  Girls Rock! Canberra was the first girls rock camp in Australia.

We value diversity and strive to be as inclusive as possible. Girls Rock! Australia values diversity of age, race, economic status, gender expression, size, physical ability, developmental ability, musical interests, learning styles, nationality, religion, thought, citizenship status, and sexual orientation. We promote respect and do not tolerate racism, sexism, homophobia, or other discriminatory behaviour or expression.


Logo Design: Steph Hughes