Frequently Asked Questions


What is your program all about? 
We are about breaking down stereotypes, providing a safe space for people of all backgrounds, promoting tolerance, and creating positive social change in our community.

Do you need to know how to play an instrument to come?
NO MUSICAL EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY and we provide instruments for all participants. All you need is a desire to rock out! 

What instruments do you teach?
Guitars, drums, bass and vocals. We have instructors for all of these instruments. Additionally, the girls will form their own bands and learn to write their own songs. They will perform these songs at a showcase scheduled at the end of their camp session.

There’s more than one instrument I’m interested in. I can’t decide which to pick!
First of all, you’ll have a lot of chances to try different instruments at camp. We ask you to focus on one instrument for instruction for the week, but you don’t have to play that instrument in your band – you can study drums in your classes and play guitar in your band (if your bandmates are cool with that). Also, remember that camp is only one week long – you can start a band with other campers after camp, or with your friends from school, and play a completely different instrument.

Where/when is your program held? 

Girls Rock! Australia is holding our first program at the Ainslie Arts Centre INSERT ADDRESS, insert date. If you don’t live in Canberra don’t’ worry - we will hold other programs and different locations around Australia in the future – watch this space!

Do you have to come all week?

Yes – more details needed

Why a rock camp just for girls? Can my son come too?

Representation of girls in the rock-music industry and culture has always been the exception rather than the rule. As much as we’d like to think that all things are equal now, reality shows us that girls and women still have an uphill battle in the world of rock music as well as in many other fields. Female artists still tend to be less respected, less supported and viewed as less skilled in nearly all facets of the music industry.

The strength of Girls Rock Camp is its focus on female empowerment; music is the vehicle for positive messaging. We show young girls that they can write music, play instruments, sing, and perform as well as anyone who puts her mind to it. We’re working for a better future for girls who want to rock in whatever endeavor they choose.

Now many women, musicians and otherwise, embrace the idea of a rock-music camp just for girls, while simultaneously bemoaning the absence of such an organization when they were girls. It’s strange, then, that with so many women – women under 20, women over 60 – wishing they could have attended a girls-rock camp in their youth, the first camp of that nature was created just seven years ago. As is true with so many aspects of society, without demand there will be no supply.

What happens at Girls Rock!? 

The Girls Rock! program involves instrument instruction, band formation, collaborative songwriting, and participation in various workshops such as Music Herstory, Self-defense, Zine-making, Screenprinting, Image & Identity, and more. Each program culminates in a showcase performance at a live venue, attended by hundreds of adoring fans.

Every day, campers go to instrument classes (guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, vocals, or DJ/turntables) and workshops on different topics, from songwriting to poster-making. At lunchtime, there are performances by visiting bands and artists. On the first day, campers form bands, and the bands have practice time every afternoon. During band practice, the band members work together to write a song and practice playing together. The day ends with a brief wrap-up assembly. At the end of the week, the bands perform at a special showcase concert.

Do you teach anything besides rock music?

Absolutely! The girls who come to Girls Rock! are encouraged to explore all types of music that interest them, from country to rap to heavy metal music and more. Girls Rock! Australiais all about teaching girls to creatively express themselves with music, and they are certainly not confined to only performing rock music.

No! We call it “Rock Camp” because we think girls and women rock! Camp is a place for all kinds of music, from types that exist already – like hip hop, punk rock, and salsa – to any kind you want to invent.

What is the age range for Girls Rock! Canberra?

Age 10 to 17, at the time of camp.

Girls Rock! is open to self-identified girls and trans youth aged 10-17.

Can my really mature 9 year old come to Girls Rock!?
No. Unfortunately,
every camper must be at least 10 years old at the time of Girls Rock! program in order to attend. If your child is 9 or younger, don’t worry, she will have 8 years’ worth of opportunities to attend Girls Rock! in the future! In the meantime, please get in touch anyway. If we get enough interest we will look at running a program for younger girls.

How much does it cost?

Tuition is $450.  Partial and full scholarships are made available to 50% of our campers.

Girls Rock! costs $450.  We offer financial aid on a needs basis, and no one is ever turned away for lack of funds. Local residents are prioritized for financial aid.

What if a girl really wants to go to Girls Rock! and can’t afford it?

She should still apply! Partial and full scholarships will be offered on a need basis. We encourage everyone who can easily afford tuition to pay it in full. For the rest, we hope to raise enough money with fundraisers and donations, as well as depending on a great deal of volunteer labor, to help everyone who wants to participate in Girls Rock!.

My prospective camper would like to attend Girls Rock! with her friend(s) this summer. Can they be in a band together?

A big part of the Girls Rock! experience is learning to make new friends and collaborate with people whose perspectives and experiences may be different from your own. For many girls, this is a rare chance to socialize outside of their normal friendship groups. We believe that working in bands with new friends fosters important social skills and crucial learning opportunities for girls. Additionally, we strive to create a welcoming and inclusive environment to all girls, and to that end strongly encourage girls to engage with each other as much as possible.

How did Girls Rock! Australia begin?

Girls Rock! Australia is inspired by Rock ‘n’ Roll Camp for Girls, which debuted in Portland, Oregon in 2001, as well as the other camps it spawned; Girls Rock Camps have gone international. They have formed throughout the United States and beyond, including California, New York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, England, and Sweden. Girls Rock! Australia seeks to emulate those camps in many ways and at the same time to offer a camps that are distinctly Australian. Girls Rock! Australia was founded in 2015. More information is available at

How can I help or support Girls Rock! Australia?

You can donate your time or money to help support our mission.

How can I volunteer? 

Girls Rock! Australia relies on volunteers to carry out our programs.  In addition to instrument instructor and band coach positions, we have many other volunteer opportunities.

Do I have to have musical experience to volunteer?

No.  We have many volunteer positions that do not require musical experience.  You can lead a workshop, manage a band, be a roadie, work in the kitchen, help out in the office, and much more!  Many positions are flexible and can work with your schedule.    

Are you a local or national organization? 

We are a national organisation. We are auspiced by Our Community Project an independent 501(c)(3) organization.  We are affiliated with the Girls Rock Camp Alliance, an international coalition of programs with the common mission of empowering girls through music.

Why does my daughter/niece/etc. need to make an Express Yourself piece? What if it’s not very good?
We ask that all prospective campers take some time to communicate why they want to be a part of Girls Rock! by creating an “Express Yourself” piece. It helps us gauge more about each applicant, and if accepted, they are shared with her counselors at camp, so they can get to know her better. We only ask that she put an effort into what she creates. If she does, we are confident that it will be good!

Why didn’t my child get in?
Our goal is to create a well-rounded camper group. We look at many factors when creating that group. Some of the factors include age, instrument, ethnicity, income, and access to extracurricular activities. If your child was not accepted to the program this year, it in no way reflects poorly on her, her application, or you as a parent. We encourage her to apply again next year!

This is such a cool idea! How can I start a Rock Camp in my area? 
We encourage newly forming camps to get in touch with the Girls Rock! Australia. We can provide resources and networking opportunities tailored for the Australian context, provide start up help etc. as we aim to support the establishment of like-minded institutions Australia wide. For more information contact us insert email

Who are the teachers and counselors?
Camp classes and workshops are taught by musicians who volunteer their time to help campers learn about playing music. Counselors are also there to lead activities and help campers.